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In this part of the platform, you will find five selected futures on the digital divide and forced displacement. Before you dive in, a chapter has been dedicated to unfold the digital divide - introducing you to overarching macrotrends that are believed to have a broad impact on the topic over the next decade.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the five futures. Think of these as lenses for exploring the digital divide and forced displacement. In each future, we have mixed technological, socio-economic, regulatory, and other trends, that can spark your imagination of where the humanitarian sector may be able to apply and expand its impact in the decade to come. As you read these outlooks on the future, we encourage you to already now note down your thoughts in your notebook - high and low! - and bring them with you to the workshop. 

There are always numerous ways of categorising or structuring the future, but we hope this one allows for a holistic and inspirational read. Enjoy!

The Digital Divide

in the future

The future of​​

The speed and degree of connectivity have drastically changed how organisations can and are expected to uphold and monitor adherence to responsible use of data. In the case of forcibly displaced, personal data can be far more vulnerable.

When crossing into digital, technology can be a powerful tool that both enables and compromise human rights. There is a growing recognition that access to the internet is a fundamental human right - but as the digital space expands, it seems increasingly lawless and wild.

The future of​​

As we increasingly digitalise everything and send satellites to space for enhanced connectivity, the digital is fluidly intertwining with our physical reality. Still, for many accessing digital is not a universal human capability yet.

The future of​​

The financial sector portrays perhaps the most evident transformation to digital. Cryptocurrencies and neobanks are blooming while physical cash is threatened by mobile monies available at the user’s fingertips.

The future of​​

As the world accelerates into a digital and information-based economy, our relation to employment is being turned on its head. New super technologies as artificial intelligence will challenge both the demand and supply of skills. 

The future of​​


This section unfolds the digital divide - it sets the foundation from which you will explore the five futures below!

The Five Futures

Below, you will find the five futures. Each offers a different vantage point into the issue at hand unravelling both opportunities and challenges. The futures are each supported by “accelerators” and “signals” - a mix of science, technological, socio-economic, regulatory, and other trends, that help contextualise and assess the room for impact.

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