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Welcome to the digital – to this website, and to the journey that DRC has invited you to embark on. In this digital space, you will find all the relevant materials and preparatory reading needed for exploring this year's DRC Global Event topic; the digital divide and forced displacement.

The context at hand is a complex one, changing daily as the digitalisation of our society accelerates and our physical world increasingly merges with the digital. The purpose of this website is to prime your mindset with a broad understanding of how digital currently is, and in the future could affect people who are forcibly displaced.

It aims to create a collective backdrop for you as a group to ideate from. A backdrop from which we look to you, as the deep experts and experienced practitioners, to connect the dots. This selected content does not intend to set the border for your journey. Rather it aims to set the stage, provide contextual understanding, a common language, and spark your imagination of where the humanitarian sector may be able to apply and expand its impact in the decade to come. The content is collected and produced by DareDisrupt, a future-oriented think tank and consultancy working at the intersection of political economy, innovation and technology.

At the top, you find a navigation menu that lets you browse the different sections of the preparation material – here you will find;

  • The Theory for understanding the future - first, we encourage you to check in with the ontological frame guiding the content. This section will provide you with background frameworks, theories, and the philosophy that we use to make sense of the future


  • The Digital Divide - this section unpacks and unfolds the digital divide introducing you to overarching macrotrends related to this year's topic. From here, you can navigate through five selected futures. ​This is where you get to dive into the interconnected lenses of digital that affect forcibly displaced. Each future offers a different vantage point into the issue at hand unravelling both opportunities and challenges. The futures are each supported by “accelerators” and “signals” - a mix of science, technological, socio-economic, regulatory, and other trends, that help contextualise and assess the room for impact.

We encourage you to navigate through each of these sections with a “what if” mindset - and already now, dedicate space in your notebook to jot down your thoughts and the ideas that arise while reading. They are needed! And we look forward exploring them further with you in the events to come.

Welcome to this digital space – we wish you an enjoyable read!

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